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Asis -CalibeX®  3D Laser Calibration 

ASIS develops and manufactures complete fuel management systems. ASIS covers all fuel automation needs of Oil Companies. Mainly focusing Gas Station Automation, it also provides Customer with its innovative and patented product 3D CalibeX® Laser Tank Calibration System. The system safely capable of calibrating fuel tanks with high accuracy, safely, in a short period of time, using 3D methods and laser technology. 3DCalibeX® is one of the most comprehensive technological projects developed by Asis to date. It is a system composed of advanced robot mechanics, mechatronics, state-of-the-art electronic circuit designs, on-board LEL device design, laser and optical applications, etc. and applications consisting of 3D modeling algorithms and data analysis software involving advanced mathematics.

TESTCAL -  Eastabrooks Leak Testing Services

Exceptional technology  tank testing equipment has been so popular for more than two decades. Experienced personnel, superior training and customer support are top priorities at Estabrooks. With over 30 years combined experience you can be assured that when you purchase any of Estabrook’s equipment you are purchasing quality instrumentation from a company that cares.

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